Sponsorship is about buying the right to associate your organization with an event, in order to make sales, connect with a target audience, or enhance your organization’s image. It is basically about getting to know people who may want to do business with your organization. Cost-effectiveness & time shortening of the Middle East Business Leaders Awards will provide sponsors with a greater level of interaction with prominent corporate players and leaders of the fastest growing companies, thus enjoying full exposure on a larger scale.

Placing great emphasis on fostering and encouraging cooperation and networking involvement in the Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2019, the event will assist sponsors in attaining their desired goals.


The Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2019 offers business relationships and networking opportunities among the leaders and the guests. Just as valuable are the personal relationships that naturally developed, this occasion is where business opportunities and adversary can be nurtured by a common interest. The award ceremony will also serve as a platform to further brand and enhance GCC's status as a leading economic power.


The Middle East Business Leaders Awards are for the C level professionals i.e. CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, CSOs, member and the chairman of boards and other key organizational leaders like departmental and organizational Presidents and Vice Presidents, Managing Director, Executive Directors and Directors with distinguished activity, exceptional leadership qualities and prominent achievements during the year 2017 / 2018.

There are total of 25 awards and each of these awards is reserved for each business sector. The nominations for the award will be requested from the organizations / individuals. However, the judgment will be made on the assessment by a panel of judges.




Sponsorship finance will contribute to the promotion, planning and operation of the event. Sponsorship conditions are negotiable and the organizers are open for discussion on any special requirement from the sponsor. Sponsors are responsible for producing their own promotional materials. Any other promotional efforts deemed to be mutually beneficial will be further explored.

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